DECEMBER 19, 2022

Meeting Date: 12/19/2022

Location: Quincy Point Cong. Church, 444 Washington St., Quincy

Officers Attending:

○ Alt Chair: Doug H.

○ Secretary: Jimmy P.

○ Alt. Secretary: Jeff B.

○ DCM: Chris G.

○ Treasurer: Paul T.

○ Alt. Treasurer: Paul S.

○ 20 Total Attendees

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 pm & opened with a Moment of Silence followed by the Declaration of Unity, Statement of Acceptance, and the Mission Statement were read. After Anniversary the GSR Role, Traditions and Concepts were read. Meeting was hybrid.


Attendees (In Person)

Jimmy P Miracles On Sat.

Paul S QYP

Paul T Everybody’s Group

Doug H Steppin Out

Chris G Fresh Start

Tim Int. AA?

Mike Quincy Mens’ Wed.

Sarah QMN

Mark H. WTT

Omar QYP (non-GSR

Jeff MBB

Attendees (Zoom)

Steve P Snug

Jamie H Q. Rec.

Matt J Rule 62

Dianne T Wey. Sat. AM

Deb R SS Group

Mandy M Fort Sq.

Rick A Everybody’s

Kim Farm Grp.

Catrina Milton Highlanders

Anniversaries since last meeting: Chris G. Dec. 15= 6 years

GSR Reports What’s going on with your groups? N/A

Monthly Reports - presented, Motions to accept, and voted

Secretary Report - Jim P - report given, motioned and seconded, accepted 7:15

● Reporting that elections were held, results contained in prior months Secretary Notes

● Alt Chair, DCM (x3) remain OPEN

● Additional shuffling for Alcathon slots, published to District website

● All slots filled

● Paul S, Paul T leads for Xmas/NY sessions, respectively

DCM Report - Chris G - report given, motioned and seconded, accepted 7:17

● NERAASA (New England + Northeast US) February 25-26, Albany NY

● Flyer and pre-registration information available

● Stipends (lodging, fuel) may be available, contact Chris G

Treasurer - Paul T - report given, motioned and seconded, accepted 7:19

● Beginning balance: 3118.35

● Collections: 175.86

● Rent: 30

● PO box rental (annual): 202

● 362.21

● Alcathon allocation: 1500 (hall, supplies)

● Prudent Reserve: 500

● Ending balance: 1062.21

Committee Reports

▪ Grapevine- (4th Sun 7pm )

Sarah (QMN)


Cooperation w Professional Community (CPC) - (2nd Thursday 7 pm)

Kim (Milton Farm)

● Continue to do outreach, trainings

● Northeastern Univ and others

Archives - ( 3rd Tues 7:30pm) - OPEN

Accessibilities - (3rd Wed 6:30 pm) - OPEN

Chair - OPEN

Corrections - (4th Thu 7 pm) - OPEN

DCM & 2 Alt DCMs - - Chris and OPEN

Joint Treatment Facilities - (3rd Fri 7 pm) - OPEN

Literature - (1st Mon 7 pm) - OPEN

Public Information (1st Thu 7 pm) - OPEN

▪ Registrar - OPEN Keeping an ongoing list of who is there…

▪ Web Site - (1st Wed 7:00pm ) - OPEN

Community Outreach N/A

OLD Business

Open Positions

● 2023-2024

○ DCM (3)

○ Alt Chair

○ Committees Positions Volunteer(s)

● Volunteer List - update

● Open slots: 12/25 @ 5pm, 12/31 @ 6pm - Chairs, speakers needed?

○ Dianne T to Chair Xmas slot

○ Doug to Chair NY slot

○ Group will provide cleaning supplies for both events

● Slot Chair + 2 speakers required for hour prior to scheduled slot (confirmed for audience)

Monthly Reminders - Updates

1. Group Conscience Meetings facilitator - Katherine Service Seminar Chair

2. Road Show's Get in Touch With Chris G.

Tabled Business

1. Goals for 2022/23

■ AREA Assembly § Commitment

■ Building Group Participation in Area Activities

■ Brainstorming - Carrying the Message

NEW Business:

● GSR Packets (available on district website for download)

● Continue with hybrid meetings in 2023

○ AV equipment procurement ($272.25 +tax)

■ Projector

■ Microphone

■ USB ext. cable

■ Tripod

■ Camera

■ HDMI cable - 20ft

■ Zoom Annual Fee ($144)

● Expires EOM December

○ Web fees: ~ $25.50/mo

○ Zoom: Motioned, seconded, accepted 7:48

○ Purchase AV equipment: motioned, seconded, dissented (Paul S), none swayed, accepted 7:50

What’s on your mind:

● Paul S - thanking Doug for the Alt. Chair service over the past months!

● Chris G - help grow the district; talk about the district in your meetings; outreach/emphasis; talk to group secretaries; group donations to district

● Kim - Television commercial on ABC? Being investigated by AA as non-sponsored activity

● Doug - facilitate purchasing Big Books for home group

***Random Notes***

Committee positions reminder - spread the word

● Doug considering registrar position

● Non-elected positions

Deb R to give Chris G hall code for Xmas Alcathon

Q: Is Quincy PD aware of Alcathon?

A: Historically, no. Chris G will contact QPD in week leading up to events (non-motioned)

Q: How is donations box managed?

A: Kept in kitchen

Central Service Phone volunteer (Xmas): 1 year sobriety needed, time volunteered in-person at Central Services Boston

Special Event: Jan 7 Serenity Breakfast at Bay Point, $20 (in Bulletin)

No additional Bulletin adds

Motion to adjourn, seconded, accepted

*** Meeting ended at 8:11 ***

From Area 30 Bulletin Items in our District


Meeting ended @ and I am responsible was read.