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  Contact: DCM@aaDistrict8ma.org 

Delegates Report Jan 2024 - PDF Click Here



Area Meeting Documents 

March DCM Report

Area Meeting 2/28/24


Alt-Chair Announcements

·       Working on updating the Area Handbook

·       Codifying Area 30 customs.

Chair Announcements

·       DCM Meeting the Monday before the Area meeting to discuss possible new business.

·       6pm details can be found  https://aaemass.org/events/month/

Delegate Announcements

·       Delegates Report  https://aaemass.org/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/20240228-Delegates-Report-ENG-603052ec305350e8855bf125845c33b4.pdf

·       2025 NERAASA to be held virtually.

·       Area 30 plans to bid for 2027 NERAASA.

·       New Grapevine Subscription Prices 

o   Print one year - $36.00 

o   Print two year - $68.00 

o   Print three year - $90.00 

o   Digital one month - $2.99 

o   Digital one year - $29.99 

o   Grapevine Complete one month - $6.00 

o   Grapevine Complete one year - $56.00 

o   Grapevine Complete two years - $98.00 

o   Grapevine Complete three years - $130.00

·       First price increase in 12 years  

·       Plain Language Big Book Information Session 

o   Thursday, March 21, 2024 

o   7- 9 p.m. 

o   Meeting ID: 264 106 1938 Password: PLBB2024  

·       There will be 4 sharing sessions for preconference discussion. 

o    Dates and Times TBD


·       Accessibility is making themselves available for walkthroughs for assemblies to ensure as many alcoholics as possible can participate.

·       Archives moved to Quincy Adams, 3/15/2024.

·       Treatment Workshop, Emmanual Church, Newbury St, 5/4/2024.

·       Grapevine is seeking stories!!!

·       MSCYPAA 

o   Convention 8/16/8/18

o   Campout 6/21 -6/23

·       MA Convention

o   The convention moved to Marlboro.

o   11/8/2024-11/10/2024

o   $149/night, 10/9 is cutoff for booking

New Business

·       Looking into bringing in a third party for translating the assemblies.

·       Do we have a budget to bring in outside help? (~$3000)

·       Women’s Convention is held a bid session. Reach out to Anne - registrar@aaemass.org



Area Meeting Documents 

DCM Report 1/15/204 

Area Meeting 12/20/2023 

● “Founder’s Writings” = 12&12 and Big Book 

● Sharing Session 

○ 2/10 Saturday 4PM 

○ Meeting ID: 893 8692 7820 

○ Password: 184898 

○ 1. Do you think that A.A. Founders would object to or embrace revisions to their writings? If yes, why? If not, why? 

○ 2. Do you think the Founders’ writings are effective in reaching new members? If not, what measures do you think can be taken to resolve this issue? 

○ 3. What reasons would you consider for changing our Founders’ writings? ○ 4. How do you feel about changing A.A. Founders’ writings to replace outdated references? 

○ 5. What suggestions do you have for preserving the Founders’ writings, along with keeping pace with our current A.A. Society and its future? 

○ 6. Should there be a special Conference process for approval of changes to our Founders’ writings? (e.g., super, or qualified majority – 75%, and/or 2-year consideration process.) 

○ 7. What additional ideas, thoughts or suggestions can you share about changing or not changing the Founders’ writings? 

○ Email to Suzanne S. - delegate@aaemass.org 

● NERASSA 2025 

○ DC no longer hosting. Chair asked if anyone in the Area had interest in taking on NERASSA for next year 

● Sharing Session on future of Area Meeting 

Area Assembly 1/7/2024 

● Pre-Conference Assembly March 24 

○ Conference Agenda and a draft of the Pre-Conference Assembly agenda are available in the Area Chairs Documents folder on www.aaemass.org 

● Archives storage unit moving to Quincy Adams 

● 2024 Area Budget was approved 

● NERASSA Stipends made available - $300 

● Discussed increasing the stipend, ultimately no decision was reached 

Helpful links: 

Area 30 Website: www.aaemass.org 

Area 30 Calendar: https://aaemass.org/events/ 

Area 30 Handbook: 

https://aaemass.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Area-Handbook-Jan2022.pdf Area Chair’s Folder: 


Highlights of Area Meeting

20231220 Delegate's Report -EN with Attachments[2].pdf


JULY 19, 2023


The meeting was opened at 7:00 pm by Chair, Ellen D., followed by the Preamble, Origin and Purpose and12 Traditions.


On a roll call there were 22 present including 9 Delegates, 10 members of the Steering Committee, the Area 30Delegate and 2 members of the staff.


The minutes of the previous meeting were read. Report was accepted. The Treasurer readthe financial report for June, 2-0.23.-Repmtaccep.t.

-Report from the Steering Committee:

      The 20238 Meeting list is ready for printing and will soon be made available. Pricing will stay at $1 each. Thecolor has not yet been decided.

      A "Hybid" code will be added to the 2024A meeting list. The code will be a camera emoji.


No reports from Public Information, Treatment or Corrections Committees.



Eastern Mass. Area Committee: Area 30 Delegate Suzanne S. gave a report. Suzanne explained the any proposed agenda item for the 74th General Service Conference must be submitted to the Area in writing nolater than September 15, 2023.


Old Business: None New Business: None.

Other Topics:

  -.'.fhe rn was a question-rngarding the 2025 lnternational Conference being held in Vancouver, British Columbia. There is concern as new Canadian law considers past OUI convictions as a felony which could impact someone from being able to attend. The advice was individuals concerned should contact GSO at 212-870-3400 or aa.org and connect with the International Conference staff person.


      Getting better involved with 9th Tradition service work will be discussed at next month's meeting.




Anniversaries: Jean K., West Roxbury Sunday Night Group celebrated 34 years. Jean was asked to speak about her service work in A.A.


Motion to Adjourn: The meeting adjourned at 7:47 p.m. with the Serenity Prayer. Respectfully submitted, Greg M., Secretary                                                                 Staff: David H. & Jean K.

The following Groups were represented:


Allston Men's Sunday Arlington JustFor Today (Online)

Boston Mission Hill

Boston Not Forgotten

Brockton Sunday AM. in W. Bridgewater Hanson Unity

Jamaica Plain Green Street Men Milton/Hyde Park Rule 62 Saugus Serenity Sunday

DCM Report June 2023


If you would like to view the full official version of the meeting minutes



Technology/Website Committee still looking for willing participants to assist at assemblies and area meetings. No prior experience needed


Discussions about safety can be directed to the Area Chair. chair@aaemass.org

For info on safety, check out aa.org and type safety, links to safety pamphlet, yellow card etc etc


Open committee chairs: Archives, Website

Open committee alt chairs: Accessibilities, Archive, Grapevine, Messenger, Registrar, Technology, Website


Topics for September Workshop Assembly to Area Chair: chair@aaemass.org


Encourage Service Sponsorship. Come to an Area meeting to find a Service Sponsor


Delegates report PowerPoint can be found in the Area Chairs Document folder under 20230521 Assembly Folder → https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14RcIZzknJIGU3-q5WoCqIu4_aAcoksrE


New edition of Box 459, GSO quarterly newsletter. www.aa.org


GSO contributions address change. PO box 2407 James A. Farley Station, New York, NY 10116-2407

Groups should send contributions electronically at www.contribution.aa.org

GSO saves $2.67/transaction processing electronic vs mailed checks


Accessibilities working on a Homers pamphlet and amplification strategies for hard-of-hearing AA’s


Archives always looking for help cleaning storage unit


CPC outreach KEPRO EAP August 16, 11am-12pm


Grapevine received $352 to purchase La Vina books and subscriptions for District 27 event this Saturday June 24 in East Boston


Grapevine app $2.99 coming in September, there will be a daily quote and sobriety calculator

Money goes back to the Grapevine, which has historically operated at a deficit 


Norfolk County Jail has had their first orientation for incoming commitments, will proceed monthly as needed.


STAR program looking for commitments. Unsure if this is Corrections or Treatment. Their district is dark so looking for surrounding districts to step up.


Commitments needed at Spectrum Weymouth, BMC Brockton CSS, Pine Street Residential, BMC South End, Victory Programs


Mass State Convention November 10th-12th Sturbridge Host Hotel 


Planning Meetings held last Tuesday of odd numbered months and October on zoom.

Only three meetings left.

Contact aamastateconvention@gmail.com



D12/13 “Slices of Service” successful event with speakers and pizza. Peak attendance of 65. Cost around $1400


La Vina Workshop June 24, 9am-4pm

983 Bennington St., East Boston


Anyone in Assisting with the search for area meeting location contact chair@aaemass.org

No updates. Chair was unable to make the area meeting


GSO bus day-trip Friday Oct 6. ~$75 contact altdelegate@aaemass.org


Join Area Mailing list at www.aaemass.org


Next area meeting June 28, 2023



If you would like to view the full official version of the meeting minutes




District 8 DCM  Report    

District 8 DCM Report April 17, 2023


● %’s for group contributions is being removed from the pamphlet “Where Money and Spirituality



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