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3rd Monday of Every Month 7 pm - 8:30 pm

Quincy Point Congregational Church, 2nd Floor

444 Washington Street, Quincy MA

District 8 Business Meeting
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Mon September 18 @ 7pm Hybrid

Opening/Mission Statement

Read by Chair

Declaration of Unity **Read by ALL

This we owe to AA’s future; to place our common welfare first; to keep our fellowship united. For on AA unity depends our lives, and the lives of those to come.


State your Name, Disease and Group Affiliation and Role in the District. Zoom Please Change your name to include Position and Group

New GSR's and Interested AA's be sure to provide your Name email and phone in the Chat to be added to the Email Lists.


Any AA Birthdays since we last met or you attended.

GSR Role

GSR Phamplet Volunteer:

When you’re a general service representative (G.S.R.) : On the general service structure: The A.A. Service Manual/Twelve Concepts for World Service, “Inside A.A.” and “Circles of Love and Service” — all in the G.S.R. Kit; in addition, the Conference Final Report, and the video “YourA.A. General Service Office, the Grapevine, and the General Service Structure” (DV-07).


Each A.A. group needs the least possible organization. Rotating leadership is the best. The small group may elect its secretary, the large group its rotating committee, and the groups of a large metropolitan area their central or intergroup committee, which often employs a full-time secretary. The trustees of the General Service Board are, in effect, our A.A. General Service Committee. They are the custodians of our A.A. Tradition and the receivers of voluntary A.A. contributions by which we maintain our A.A. General Service Office at New York. They are authorized by the groups to handle our over-all public relations and they guarantee the integrity of our principal newspaper, the A.A. Grapevine. All such representatives are to be guided in the spirit of service, for true leaders in A.A. are but trusted and experienced servants of the whole. They derive no real authority from their titles; they do not govern. Universal respect is the key to their usefulness.


Good service leaders, together with sound and appropriate methods of choosing them, are at all levels indispensable for our future functioning and safety. The primary world service leadership once exercised by the founders of A.A. must necessarily be assumed by the Trustees of the General Service Board of Alco- holics Anonymous.

GSR Reports

What's going on with your groups?
Report Back on the Groups you might have visited this month?

Monthly Reports ~ with motions to accept and vote

Committee Reports

Area 30 Services - Position & Committee Descriptions and Contact Information CLICK HERE

Area Committee Page

====Open Positions =====================

Community Outreach

Braintree - Kim B | Milton - Jay | Quincy - Chris G. | Randolph - Kim B | Weymouth - Ashley

OLD Business

  1. Webb State Park - Fall Fellowship

    • Feedback

    • Changes would would have made

  2. Alcathon Xmas and New Years

    • Halls - All Set - Motion to Allocate Funds

    • Format Live Only/Hybrid/Zoom Options

    • Slot Draw Rules

      1. Hybrid Meeting - slot draw rotation

      2. Too Many

      3. Not Enough

  3. Elections

    • Please read Concept IX

    • Spirit of Rotation

    • Positions for Election (DCM x 3 /Alt, Secretary/Alt, Treasurer/Alt, Chair/Alt)

    • Committees positions Volunteer

    • Draft of District 8 Roles explained

    • Nominations Oct - Elections Nov, Enter New Roles Jan 2023

    • Service Sponsors

Monthly Reminders - Updates

  1. Group Conscience Meetings facilitator - Katherine Service Seminar Chair

  2. Road Show's Get in Touch With Chris G.

From Area 30 Bulletin Items in our District

Sept Bulletin 2022

Central Service Committee, 12 Channel St., Suite 604, Boston MA 02210
Office: 617-426-9444 Book Orders Only: 617-426-4807 Area 30 Web Site: and Area 30 Contact Information

COMMITTEE MEETINGS: Check for updates >>


Weymouth Monday Old South Ch., Columbian Square 7:30-8:30. OD1. Meeting as usual.



Sept 25 Sun Milton Farm Gratitude/Anniversary Cookout@ Houghton’s Pond, Picnic Area, Noon-6 Meeting at Noon. Call Edwin 617-216-1458

Oct 1 Sat D15/16/22 “Voices of AA” Workshop. First Church, 11 Garden St., Cambridge. 1-5 pm

Oct 23 MSCYPAA is happening @ Hotel 1620 Plymouth, MA. More info:

CLICK HERE FOR BULLETINS Deadline for May Bulletin: Sept 21, 2022

Tabled Business

  1. Goals for 2022/23

    • AREA Assembly § Commitment

    • Building Group Participation in Area Activities

    • Brain Storming - Carrying the Message

New Business


AA GROUPS AND INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS ARE DESPERATELY NEEDED TO BRING MEETINGS INTO JAILS IN Essex and Suffolk counties. If you are interested in doing corrections service in jails or prisons, come to the Joint Correctional Facilities Committee meetings on the 4th Thursday each month at 7 pm on Zoom to learn how to get involved Zoom ID 842 8172 0059 and Passcode 446053 or join the email list by emailing the JCFC Chairperson at

Whats on your Mind

8:20 Time Check - Call from Chair for meeting extension if needed.. Members will identify MUST do items for this month and then vote on meeting extension if needed

Ending read by ALL

I am responsible. When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help,
I want the hand of AA always to be there. And for that I am responsible

How we Do Business Roberts rule of Order

General overview of Roberts Rules of order - FLOW CHART - HOW WE DO BUSINESS

      • Keeping to the Agenda

      • Request to be heard

      • Questions

      • Motions/ Seconds/ Discussion/Voting/ Minority Opinion/Reconsider

      • Discussion Limits/Address Questions/Table Issue